Leadership Spotlight on…Val Nevin

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives (Genesis 50:20).”

 Sought healing from: Childhood sexual abuse

Why did you seek healing?As a child, I experienced years of physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse. As an adult, I’d put it away and thought I was fine; I didn’t need any help. Yet, when my dad passed away in August of 2010, I suddenly found myself in downward spiral. People closest to me saw through my forced happiness. I didn’t have true friendships because I kept people at bay. I became depressed and angry all the time. I was just angry at everyone, especially God.

How did it help you?

“I am a survivor of physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse.” For many years I was not able to say that. I had to first learn how to say, “I am a victim.” And that is part of what my experience at Eve Center helped me uncover. After an incredibly persistent friend convinced me to call Eve Center, I was paired up with a Volunteer Peer Counselor (VPC). While working through this one-on-one counseling, I also join their HATCH (Healing Abuse Through Christ’s Help) recovery group. HATCH gave me tools I needed to begin my healing process, while teaching me that it was up to me to truly use them. I continued to move forward with my healing and joined the ROSE (Relationships overcoming Struggles through Encouragement) recovery group. ROSE opened my eyes to how seemingly small struggles in my relationships were impacting my life. I came to the realization that I was actually the toxic person in my life. Once again, I was given the tools to address this discovery and repair those relationships. But the most difficult things I learned were how to truly forgive my abuser, not just for what he did to me, but also for how his actions affected my relationships with friends, my husband and my children and that I no longer have to be afraid of people finding out my past. I now have healthy relationships, I look people in the eyes when I speak to them, I’ve learned trust.

What are you doing with it?

Eve Center has taught me that I am beautiful; I am God’s creation and I do have a purpose. Little did I know that part of that purpose is to help in supporting the Eve Center. After 3½ years of tough but liberating healing through their help, I decided to pay it forward and go through the VPC training so I could use my story of redemption to help other women journey through theirs. After becoming a VPC and meeting with clients, I became Eve Center’s Groups & Studies Manager where I organize, schedule and manage the various healing and recovery groups and book studies.





Leadership Spotlight on…Kenda Moss

A captive set free; by the Love of Christ I am no longer in chains!! My life was a dry and desolate land but God has turned it to be like the Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 36:34-36).

Sought healing from: Childhood sexual abuse

Why did you seek healing?
At 38 years old I thought I had everything I needed: an incredible family, I was active in the church, served youth and I’d taught Bible study for 20 years. Accept that I often found myself feeling frustrated, angry and unsatisfied. I noticed I would observe the way others loved and were loved and felt like I could never have that.

After some digging, I realized that, though I thought I’d put it behind me, the sexual abuse I experienced in my childhood was still severely affecting my life. My husband likened it to being a robot: cold, lifeless and incapable of feeling. I refused to love or be loved by anyone. I didn’t deserve love. I was afraid of love. Initially, I’d tried to fill that void by focusing on my achievements, becoming obsessed with good grades, music and athletic accomplishments. When that left me still feeling unsatisfied and empty, I turned to self-destruction in the form of alcohol, sex and an eating disorder.

How did it help you?
Finally, I cried out to God. I needed Him to help and I needed Him to help me even care about helping myself. Through the influence of new church leaders, much Bible Study, a friend (accountability partner) and, especially the power of God, I was able to face this horrible experience head on. I learned to forgive my perpetrator and forgive myself. The wall that was keeping me from truly living life and learning to express emotions was brought to light and ultimately torn down.

What are you doing with it?
Since my healing, I’ve been leading sexual abuse support groups, speaking at women’s retreats and meeting with abused women one-on-one. I’m honored to serve as the Eve Center’s Executive Director where I’m committed to promoting emotional, relational, and Spiritual healing to women who have experienced sexual abuse, as well as other past trauma.




Leadership Spotlight on…Cinny Roy

Cinny Roy, MA, LPCC-S, founded Eve Center in 2004, and now serves as business development director.

What led you to establish Eve Center?

In the summer of 2002, I was working on my master’s degree in counseling and had a year to go. I talked with God and said, 'There must be a way for wise women to provide counsel from their life walks without becoming clinical therapists!” My God-given desire was to develop a paraprofessional model to train Jesus-following women who would provide biblically based counsel. I soon found a model, took the training and brought it back to Cincinnati.

What did the ministry look like then?

We opened our doors in 2004 with 11 clients and the first group of trained Volunteer Peer Counselors (VPC). To this day I encourage our VPCs and other volunteers to share with others where they came from, what God has done, and how they are doing now. That comes from my own transparency about my life mess and how Jesus turned it into His glory.

How is Eve Center different now from what you expected it to be? 

God gave me the vision, I accepted the call, and He has grown it as only God can. Any vision keeper knows that God is doing something and that she is along for the ride of her life. In 2017 over 900 new women participated in one-to-one peer counseling, topical book studies and recovery groups at Eve Center. It is so far beyond anything I “saw” years ago.

What has been your biggest challenge in your work with Eve Center? 

Balancing love and time with family with passion and drive for the vision. In fact, that’s something I talk about in a book I wrote calledFrom Clouds to Concrete: Starting and Leading a Christian Nonprofit.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I have an amazing husband, Bruce, who has been my partner through all of it.  We have three incredible grown children scattered in three states. My mother, who is now 87 years old, was an original VPC. My father was a Jesus follower and pastor. His example has been my model.

Do you have a "hidden talent"?

I don't hide anything...everyone knows WAY too much about me as it is!

What is something you enjoy doing with friends?

Hearing how Jesus got hold of them.

What is something you are really looking forward to or excited about?

Developing new locations for Eve Center, and writing new recovery group materials.