2021 Group Schedule:

January 11, April 12th, July 12th, October 1st.

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Relationships can wilt or bloom. If you feel like your relationship is struggling to flourish we will offer a place to learn, share, and grow as a person with healthy relationships.  Learn to identify what is healthy and what is not. We offer a safe, confidential, Christian environment to explore the relationship weeds in our lives and the behaviors that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns.

PURPOSE – promote relational, spiritual and emotional healing for women recovering from domestic dysfunction and abuse who need a sense of direction to find and maintain healthy relationships.

HOW – In a Christian, safe, non-judgmental & CONFIDENTIAL environment, women work through a 12-week program to discover new skills for transformation. Through group support, wise leaders who have “been where you are,” and weekly assignments, women find hope and healing.

WHEN –Eve Center Recovery groups are 10 week groups and begin 4X a year.

              2021 Group Schedule: January 11, April 12th, July 12th, October 1st.

              Contact our groups manager for Day and Time:

CONTACT – email: (only the ROSE Coordinator receives this) or call the Eve Center and leave a message for ROSE: 513-985-9959. You may wish to meet with a woman who is a ROSE volunteer to learn more before deciding if this recovery group is right for you. If so, make an appointment when you telephone the Eve Center office. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to participate in a ROSE group. All studies are at no cost however a donation of $25.00 for materials is requested.

THINGS TO THINK ABOUT – We aren’t about judgment, but about freedom. Eve Center’s ROSE program is a safe place and has been for many women.

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ROSE is for those in dysfunctional relationships who need a sense of direction to find and maintain healthy relationships