Writing an engaging story has some basic elements: Characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution. Almost every fiction book written has these five key points, and if they don’t then the story doesn’t make sense. There can be characters, but if there is no plot then the whole book would be describing them. There can be conflict, but without a resolution, the reader will be left hanging and wanting more.

What makes a book great can be subjective, but most people do agree that it starts with a skilled author. If the author doesn’t do a great job including the five key points then the odds are that book won’t be very well received, and no one would want to read it. The impact it would have on society would be next to nothing. 

As humans we have the privilege of having the greatest Author there ever was writing our story: God. Not only does He expertly use the five key points, He adds in so much intricate detail that people can’t help but be sucked right into His stories. They capture the audience like no other story before.

Along with that, He also knows that without all five points it won’t make a complete story. Without settings the characters have no depth. Without conflict the plot becomes predictable and flat. Each has its own important role for better or for worse. 

Sometimes we try to take over the role of the author of our lives. We take hold of that pen and start writing what we think should happen next. The problem with that is any good author knows a beginning, middle, and end before writing a story. Since we don’t know anything but the beginning and current middle our story becomes messy and doesn’t make much sense.

God never intended for us to author our own stories because He knew they would never make it to the best seller list. 

When we take over and insist that we know how the story should go we switch roles with God. He then becomes a part of the story, not the author. We discredit His work and plagiarize His original thoughts and ideas.  

Writing a story is hard work and takes time and patience to develop. When we write our own it is impossible to take a step back and look at the big picture taking place around us. 

So, put down your pen, hand it back over to God, and enjoy your story in each new moment as it is written for you by the ultimate Author the way He intended.