I had a conversation the other day about scars.  We discussed how men seem to be proud of their scars.  It doesn’t matter how they got them.  It could be a result of an act of bravery or a result of not the smartest thing they have ever done.  They show it off and brag about how they got it.  It is a badge of honor, something to be proud of.  Sometimes they will even talk about the wound that left that scar, describing it with great enthusiasm.

But we as women hide our scars.  We don’t want anyone to see them.  We never talk about them and could never be proud of them.  Sometimes they can even make us feel undesirable.  I have several scars on my abdomen from surgeries.  I hide them at all cost.  I am embarrassed by them.  Sometimes I am so self-conscious of them that I will even try to hide them from my husband. I don’t want anyone to see them.  It doesn’t matter how we get a scar, we are ashamed of it.


While I was thinking about this, I realized it’s the same for emotional scars.  We hide them and never talk about them.  Maybe we should be proud of them.  A scar is a result of a wound that has healed.  An emotional scar is the same, it’s an emotional wound that has healed.  We should be proud that we have healed from the wound.  We should be proud that the wound no longer has a hold of us.  We should be proud that we survived.  We should be able to say “I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor!  I am a domestic abuse survivor!  I am an eating disorder survivor! I am a -fill in the blank- survivor!