Letter to Satan

Satan who do you think you are?

You try to control fate but you’re powerless. You have no say over the future of God’s people yet you place yourself in a position higher than you deserve. You use evil and twisted creation to try to destroy, cause pain, and annihilate those who love Jesus. But that is only evidence of your weakness and insecurity. You think you are all mighty and powerful, able to destroy what God has created, but God steps in every time and you fail again and again.

You tried to destroy me, tell me lies about myself, and overwhelm me with fear. But God saw what you were doing and formulated a plan to rescue and heal my soul. This plan would bring a depth of peace, joy, and wisdom that surpasses what I would have ever seen if you hadn’t sent evil my way.

God’s reminding me of truth; He is calling me higher, and He is revealing to me my worth. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to be loved than if I had never been unloved.

You laughed when I was in pain, thinking that you had won. But what you didn’t know is that God was going to speak light into that darkness and truth into those lies. The irony is that what you thought was going to destroy me is actually going to destroy you because God is taking the evil you brought into my world and is using it to speak life into the lives of others. You didn’t only fail to destroy me but the story of your weakness will cause your effects over others to fail as well.

I’m angry at what you’ve done but I am grateful for the story it tells. The story of God’s greatness and your weakness. The story of light defeating the darkness. The story of hope in very hopeless places. And the truth of a loving God who fights for our freedom before we even realize we have been held captive.

Instead of proving that God is weak, your attempts to rule and reign are only proof of His power and love! Your attempts to destroy others are nothing in comparison to the healing and strength that God brings us. Your attempts to destroy me are only being used to greater glorify God–you might as well stop trying.

You have no power over me. No ability to tell me what my future holds. No effect on my relationships. Your lies are invalid and stupid. I refuse to allow them to tell me who I am and determine my fate or effect my future. So you can keep trying, but you’re only going to be working against yourself. Because no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what you take away for me, I will glorify God and praise His goodness because He is good.

He is powerful.

His goodness, love, mercy, and kindness outweigh any pain I have to go through.