Imperfect Family Tree?

Jesus was both God and man at the same time, and completely blameless and sinless. He was perfect in every sense and walked this earth as God in manly form. This makes it all the more interesting that Jesus comes from such an unperfect family tree.

We know Jesus was the descended from the great King David (who himself had his fair share of scandals), but he also came from women like Tamar, Rahab, and Bathsheba who were considered prostitutes and adulterers. They were the “black sheep” of the family tree.

Tamar- Her story is told in Genesis 38 and begins when her husband, the son of Judah, dies. Jewish tradition dictated that she then be married to the next brother in line, who also unfortunately died. Judah, her father in law, considered her bad luck and went back on his word about her marrying his third son. She then dressed as a prostitute and tricked Judah into sleeping with her. She became pregnant with twins and secured her future protection. Her son Perez fulfilled the prophecy in Genesis 49:10 that stated the Messiah would come from the tribe of Judah.

Rahab-In the book of Joshua, Rahab was labeled a prostitute. She ran an inn where Joshua and his spies hid while the city was searched. She had heard amazing things about the Israelites and their journey to the Promised Land, so she decides to join Joshua in the battle of Jericho. Joshua then promises protection to her and anyone in her house when the walls fall down. She then married Salmon and had a son named Boaz. He was the great-grandfather of David.

Bathsheba-By bathing naked on a roof in 2 Samuel, King David sent for Bathsheba and coerced her into sleeping with him. She was the wife of Uriah. He was one of David’s most loyal and trusted soldiers, and Bathsheba was still married to him at the time of the affair. She became pregnant, and after unsuccessfully seducing Uriah to try to cover up her pregnancy King David ordered Uriah to the front lines of battle leading to his death. After he died David married Bathsheba and she gave birth to a son named Solomon, who was known for his great wisdom.

All three of these women at first seem to be people who society would have looked at as outcasts. They were looked down upon for their life choices. But they were all vital players in bringing about the life of Christ.They seemed like women who would be hard to love, but God looked at them as examples of what good can come from bad situations.

It may seem like the choices you have made or the situations you have faced in your life make you unworthy of love. They can seem so awful that you feel you don’t deserve a second chance. But Jesus came directly from these exact types of women. What is amazing is it that even though you have a past that you might be ashamed of Jesus still loves you anyway. By letting go of your past God can use it to shape a better, impactful future for you. What a great God we serve!