I miss my church family. I miss all of the people who are walking this Christian journey with me. I miss the hugs, handshakes, high fives, and friendly hello’s. I miss authentic connection, meaningful conversations, catching up on lives, and checking in on friends who need it. I miss people, especially my people.

Not being able to physically go into my church building has been really hard. Every Sunday I got to spend time learning the Word from our amazing pastor. I was able to drop off my daughter in the kid’s area, then spend the next hour able to focus on whatever God had in store for me to absorb.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard to focus at home. We still spend Sunday morning listening to our pastor on Facebook, but there is always a distraction of some sort that pulls me away. I then have to be caught up, or re-watch it later. It’s not ideal. I no longer get to connect weekly with the kids I serve on the weekends. My daughter doesn’t get to see her friends, or do her craft with them. Things are just so different.

But, good thing the church isn’t just a building.

For the first time in my daughter’s life I have been able to worship with her weekly. She is no longer off doing her own thing, but instead, as a family, we are singing praises together. Sunday mornings still include coffee, but now it’s a fresh brewed pot shared between my husband and I in our favorite mug while sitting on the couch. We don’t have to get up hours early to make sure everyone is fed and dressed to be running out the door 5 minutes late (I’m ok to admit that we are *those* people). Instead we take our time, enjoy breakfast, and prepare our hearts for the upcoming worship and sermon.

Since I have more time now, I am able to delve deeper into the weekly message after the service. I’m not worried about who we are meeting for lunch or what I need to pick up from the grocery store. My husband and I discuss what we just heard and digest it further together. Even though there are distractions, it is still nice to not feel rushed and hurried.

I miss my church family, and I cannot wait to worship with them again. But, going forward, I will learn to slow down, take time to process, and not allow myself or family to be so busy on Sundays. I have learned that church is more than four walls with a band and a stage. It’s God, meeting you where you are, to speak truth into you. It doesn’t matter if that’s in a church building, park, coffee shop, home, or someone’s backyard. All that matters is you show up, ready to worship and listen.