Double Your Joy


“A shared Joy is a doubled JOY.” This is, in part, what makes the Eve Center work.  Our volunteers know that a shared joy is a doubled joy; therefore, they double their joy by sharing their joy.

Oh… they would not call it a joy from the beginning.  In the beginning it was the fearfully demanding work of walking into darkness only half certain you’d come out alive.  But they did come out; not only did they come out, and not only did they survive, but they found an unspeakable joy on the other side.

It’s the joy of freedom; the joy of a burden breached; the joy of affliction evaporated; the joy of darkness detached.

One of the many responses to such an experience is yearning to help others experience the same.

And so we help; we listen; we pray; we validate; and we offer the hope of knowing it IS possible to face your darkness and come away with a new life filled with inexpressible and glorious joy.