Conqueror in Christ


Conqueror in Christ:Our struggles in life can grow or break us, it’s our choice.

As I look back and reflect on what each year has brought,
it was in 2005 I had to deal with a lot.
Some of the issues had no one to blame,
it was my belief that I was covered with shame.

Multiple attempts to bring death to my past,
hospitals and psyche wards just made the pain last.
Healing from my past is a daily process,
what I don’t face can become an abscess.

My thoughts were infected with multiple lies,
getting me to the point where I didn’t want to try.
Sexual abuse was never my fault,
I can’t allow false shame to make my healing halt.

The road to recovering is filled with curves and bumps,
if we keep on going we can get over the humps.
It is never easy to deal with our pain,
procrastination can make us go insane.

There is a place to find freedom and love,
the Eve Center gives hope from the One above.
The sisters in Christ wrap you tight with a hug,
processing through the hurt and shame one on one.

The past cannot define who we are in Christ,
His blood conquers all and gives us new life.
His Spirit brings hope that will always last,
growing closer to Him as He uses our past.

Sexual abuse was never a part of His plan for us,
His love touches our hearts so we can begin to trust.
Help is available when we face our fears,
you are more than a conqueror and we are waiting here.
“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13