Called God’s Friend

“You see his [Abraham] faith and actions were working together so that his faith was made complete by what he did….and he was called God’s friend.” James 2:22.

Each day at Eve Center, I get the immense pleasure of witnessing faith and actions working together as VPC’s (volunteer peer counselors) spend their precious time walking alongside another in order that they might receive healing and growth in the name of Jesus Christ.  With boundless joy, I can say that these Eve Center Volunteers are called Gods friend!!

Because of these wonderful volunteers, Eve Center has been able to serve over 500 women so far in 2017.  Here are what a few of our clients are saying:

“It is crazy that the same story that was killing me can now bring life to others.”

You believed me without a doubt. I think you were the first person to ever say to me that “it did” happen. You did not think I was crazy. I think it was just too incredibly painful for my heart and brain to carry it fully on my own.  I just want to say, “Thank You.”

“When I first went to the Eve Center, I was in so much pain and grief.  Now I feel incredible peace and hope.  God bless the teachers and counselors at Eve Center who truly do God’s work and change lives for the better!”

I want to publicly say THANK YOU to each volunteer.  Your faith and actions are working together so that your faith is made complete by what you do…. And you are called God’s friend.