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PURPOSE – Eve Center Book Studies are designed to promote healing and growth in specific areas of emotional, relational, and spiritual difficulties.

WHEN– The 6-10 week studies are offered three times a year: winter, summer and fall.

Next Book Study Session Begins May 23rd , 2022

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Please be sure to check your calendar for availability prior to signing up for a study! We require weekly attendance in order to create a safe and healing environment for all participants.

If you would like to sign up for a Book Study, please inform the Eve Center as listed below:


New Clients:
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(At the end of the intake type in which book study you would like to take)

Current or Previous Clients:

Tell your current Volunteer Peer Counselor
Send an email to
Call the office at 513-985-9959

Once Eve Center receives the details, you will be signed up and contacted by the facilitator.









Client TR


My name is TR, and I was a part of the Boundaries group that started in January that Lorraine Charbonneau led. I saw the evaluation form and I do not feel like it really gives you a true picture of how impactful this class has been for me. I wanted to be sure to share that with you.

A year ago in the spring I was helping a teenage girl work through some struggles; this triggered some things in me and threw me into dealing with some major anxiety because of unresolved things that have happened in my childhood.

I never really knew how to handle my mother growing up- but I am learning how to deal with her now with these new boundaries I am putting into place. She does not like it AT ALL. She is fighting back and throwing “trantrums,” but this group has helped to support me in the midst of this. I do not think anyone can set boundaries like this without support from other people. This group is not just a class about learning a cool new idea… This is serious life-changing work!

I figured out in this group that boundaries were a BIG answer to a lot of my anxiety and depression. I am finally dealing with pain that has happened through the years that I never have before. I am not totally on the other side to freedom yet, but I am taking steps and feeling more and more hope.

I am so so thankful that I found the Eve Center. I look forward to hopefully being able to serve there in the future and help other people with the issues that I have dealt with in my life. My friends are probably sick of me giving them lessons about boundaries and talking about how awesome the Eve Center is! :

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