Looking back on my journey it’s so easy to see God’s sovereign hand weaving people and places into my story. He knows each of us so intimately. He knows exactly what makes each of us tick. My season at the Eve Center began with a desire to walk with other post-abortive women on their journey of healing and forgiveness. But God’s desire for me was different. Although I had begun the healing process, God wanted me to be completely healed. God wants all His daughters to be completely healed. Christ proclaimed that it is by His wounds that my wounds are healed. I needed to look at my deep, grotesque, un-healed wounds no longer through my eyes but through eyes of Christ. I also needed to look at Christ beautiful wounds and freely accept the mercy that comes from them. In the summer of 2013 I entered into the HEART program as a “requirement” before applying for entry into the Volunteer Peer Counseling Training. This “requirement” was clearly God’s hand weaving something huge into my story. From day one, the HEART program blew me away. This conduit for the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to just how vast my wounds from the choice of my abortion were. Through the twelve weeks myself, Christ healed leaders, and other participants healing looked at all our gaping wounds. Relief, denial, anger, depression and forgiveness; not a one was left unexamined. And in the end not a one was left untouched, unhealed by Christ. I have now completed the V.P.C. training and I am currently walking with other post-abortive women through their healing in Christ by co-facilitating the HEART Program. It is an incredibly humbling position to find myself in: A position where the faithfulness and goodness of God is allowed to shine so brightly. A position where the power of Christ’s redemption is displayed in such a way that proclaiming that I am a remade creation in Him. This is a truth that screams from my soul. The joy that Christ has placed in my life propels me to build His kingdom here. I am so grateful to the Eve Center for teaching me to hear God’s voice, His truth in my life and to have the courage to speak it publicly. Each day is filled with hope, excitement and sometimes a bit of ”God instilled fear” at what lies ahead.