When I got engaged I had so many dreams of life together with my husband. I certainly never expected to wake up three weeks into my marriage to find my Christian husband viewing pornography in the next room. At that time, he was unwilling to admit that pornography was a problem in his life or in our marriage, but I believed him when he said he was sorry and that he would stop. I told no one. The isolation was excruciating. A while later I learned of infidelity, so I began counseling with a pastoral counselor at the church I was attending. I also began preparing for a divorce. However, God intervened through a dear Christian man and we began the reconciliation process. We even renewed our Wedding Vows. When I learned of infidelity again, I was not quite as blindsided as the first time. Sadly, although I offered him a chance to tell me the truth about the situation, he lied until he realized that I already knew. I was heartbroken. We had spent the last two years focused on rebuilding trust and intimacy our marriage. Yet, for at least six months, my husband was living a double life… again. Knowing the emotional turmoil that would come when reality set in, I met with a dear and trusted spiritual mentor of mine, who happens to be on staff at the Eve Center. As is often the case with the staff, she immediately thought of someone who would be good to help me deal with the pain of what I was going through. Someone who had been where I was. Just weeks later, I found myself sitting across from a Volunteer Peer Counselor. The reality of divorce was simply much too big to deal with on my own. I needed help and my VPC was so helpful. She walked through the valley with me and reminded me of my worth in God’s eyes when I felt like a failure. Now, I’ve been to a number of Christian counselors through the years and I’m a Psychology – Christian Counseling major myself, so I’m fairly equipped with the techniques to deal with difficult situations in life. I have found, however, that I tend to put up walls with Christian counselors. I question how they can help, as they’ve never been through what I’m going through. At the Eve Center, this is NOT the case. At the Eve Center, we strive to match the client with a VPC who has specifically gone through something very similar to the client. This way the VPC can come alongside the client and say, “I’ve been where you are”. It offers hope to the client in the face of despair. Here sits living proof that what the client is going through will not kill her. God was so much bigger and, once again, here was living proof. My story isn’t over yet. I signed my divorce paperwork a week and a half ago and the reality of the situation truly set in. Now, however, as an intern and VPC trainee at the Eve Center, an incredible sisterhood surrounds me. A sisterhood who loves to comfort others with the comfort they themselves have received from God.