When I was created I had high hopes. I thought for sure I was going to be given as a Valentine’s Day gift, wrapped up in shiny, red cellophane. I kept imagining the look on the person’s face as they saw me. Their eyes would light up, and a smile of gratitude would cross their face. I was destined to brighten someone’s day. 

You could imagine my surprise when I was put in a bag meant for a donation. How could such a decadent piece of chocolate like me be treated in such a way? Didn’t they know how important I was?!

I was dropped off in a plastic bag and didn’t see anything for days. I didn’t know where I was or how long I would stay there. 

Thankfully, I finally saw light! They placed me in a dish inside a small room, and then left me. A few hours later a lady opened the door and I heard, “I’m so happy to have you here at Eve Center!” A woman cautiously walked in behind her and sat down in the chair. She looked like she just needed a hug. 

After listening to the conversation between the two ladies I learned quite a bit. The one really did need a hug after what she was going through in life, and some man named Jesus was going to help her through it all. 

Many tears were shed, and finally a hug was given. The first lady who walked in picked up the dish and offered a piece of chocolate. I saw her hand reaching for me. This is NOT what I had planned! This wasn’t the elaborate gesture of love I was destined for! 

But then I saw her eyes light up, and a smile of gratitude cross her face. I had brightened her day. 

We think we have to put on a show to make a large impact when really the little details make the biggest difference. Be a piece of chocolate for someone today.