Leadership Spotlight on… Nyria 

Nyria is a leader for ROSE, our 10-12 week group that promotes relational, spiritual and emotional healing for women recovering from domestic dysfunction and abuse. She has been with Eve Center for about two years.


What brought you to Eve Center?
I moved back to Cincinnati after being gone for two years, and found that my church family and friends had moved on. I needed to feel connected and thought the best way for that to occur was to be in service to others.


How has Eve Center changed your life?
The Lord has used Eve Center to give me a heart of understanding.  By going through ROSE, I was able to set boundaries in my life while simultaneously turning back to help my sisters. As I received truth, I found the courage to act.


Tell us a little bit about your family.
Growing up was very dysfunctional. I was the oldest in a Puerto Rican family, with family dynamics that set me up for failure.  God has been very gracious to heal me of those old wounds.

Currently, my family is living through my having learned to say, “no,” “let me think about that,” and “that won’t work for me.” I have given my family permission to ask any question needed to facilitate healing in our relationships. Sometimes permission yields hard conversations.

What is something about yourself that might surprise people?
People might be surprised that wanted to sing in a Broadway musical, and that I have directed plays before.

What always makes you smile?
Seeing someone else have an “ah ha” moment as the truth slowly makes its way across their face.

How have you seen God’s faithfulness lately in your own life?
Lately, I am experiencing the “more” of God.  More freedom, more love, more truth and more joy.  I am living the abundant life Jesus said I would have!

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