Colleen – Testimonial


Once upon a time, I was a hurting and fearful little girl. I became a bewildered, desperate woman. The rubble of my broken life had all but buried me. Seeking professional Christian counseling changed my life. Though I did NOT believe I could find healing, because of the counselor’s faith and dedication to listening, encouraging and (in love!) challenging me to seek God and His healing, I am a healed and changed person today.


After that I asked God how I could serve Him despite the fact my data entry job brought me no enjoyment whatsoever. I felt stuck with no regular outlet to use my God-given gifts. Time went on. One summer morning I woke up with a strong sense to look into volunteering at the Eve Center. It was God nudging me to take a step. I signed up and the rest is history!


At my peer counselor training interview, I felt it was far more important than any job interview I could ever have. It was a milestone – an Ebenezer of God’s faithfulness. I felt I was stepping right into my divine destiny. When classes began, I was thrilled week after week by the content and the teaching. Not only did it resonate with much of my personal experience, but I was so excited that I had the privilege of taking it to the next level, where I could apply it with women just like me.


Soon enough, I completed from the training program and received my first client; then my second, third and fourth. Every woman has a different story and experience, but we all have a lot in common at our core. I have gained a wealth of experience from listening to women tell their stories. It is an honor and privilege to hear them and very humbling to be able to respond as I believe God would, knowing what I know of His heart from the Bible.


As I continue to see more clients move from crisis, pain and despair to stability, healing and hope, I am encouraged and know that all the hard work, careful thought, prayer and time spent on each woman is not in vain! It is a joy to see lives changed, minds renewed, and life altering decisions made.


The beauty of the Eve Center is God has gifted us all and will use these unique experiences to directly minister to another. A woman needs only be willing and hungry to bless, just as God is hungry to bless, in order to serve at the Eve Center!